Coworking In Bangkok

Coworking is a booming phenomenon across the world now. Most major cities are well accustomed to this idea and coworking spaces are fast becoming a critical component in commercial real estate. Coworking spaces have become a global sensation. Today, even long time work traditionalists are opting for coworking spaces. Coworking spaces in Thailand are booming and the estimated increase every year is driven by both local and international players.

Demand for coworking spaces by the new generation is what is driving this phenomenon by leaps and bounds. Young professionals are now looking for places to work that are easy to reach and easy on their pockets. The massive wave of demand of coworking spaces arrived during the floods in 2011. People living on the outskirts of Bangkok were unable to commute to work because of this major catastrophe.

Popular coworking space locations in Bangkok are mostly near BTS stations, including Siam-Chidlom, Ratchathewi-Phaya Thai, Silom-Sathon, Asok-Nana, Thong Lo-Phrom Phong, Ekamai-Phra Khanong and Ari-Saphan Kwai. Popular areas in residential locations are Lat Phrao, Ramkamhaeng and Ratchadaphisek. Provinces like Chiang Mai, Phuket and Songkhla are popular amongst tourists who are in need of comfortable work spaces to do business alongside all their holidaying and relaxing.

Coworking spaces in Bangkok are finding favour amongst the wide range of freelancers and professionals in the city. Those who are looking for a work environment that is more formal than a house environment and less formal than a traditional office environment turn to hiring coworking spaces. Shared office spaces cater to specific needs of all kinds of professionals and also tend to their networking needs. Lots of coworking spaces organize events to help members meet their fellow coworkers by getting them to talking and building connections.

Entrepreneurship can be a isolating path if you work from your living room or in a café amidst 20 strangers. Coworking spaces help you get in touch with others from similar fields doing the same thing as you. Coworking spaces offer a reliable place to work in the company of like-minded individuals who can share in the struggles and aspirations of entrepreneurship. Ignorance is not always bliss, unlike the popular saying, when you are doing business it is important for you to be at par with happenings of the world. Working with other professionals can introduce you to things you are not aware off, thereby opening new avenues.

Convenient collaboration and networking, free movement, and a flexible work style are some of the few aspects of shared office spaces that have been attracting entrepreneurs like bees are attracted to nectar. The environment at shared working spaces are built in a manner that helps startups and businesses flourish.

Thailand is a vibrant country rich in culture, many tourists from across the world travel to vacation away from the hustle and bustle of their fast city life. Thailand is not just famous for tourism as its tech hub has been estimated to be worth over half a billion dollars. The government of Thailand is making a conscious effort to encourage a startup ecosystem and digital hub and the locals have seen a huge change in the tech scene over the last 5 years. The country now has close to a 100 coworking spaces for professionals to collaborate and share ideas.

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