How Can A Shared Office In Chennai Save Expenses?

With business both big and small shifting to coworking office space in Chennai or business center in Chennai, it is an obvious thing that the concept of coworking Chennai saves huge money. Shifting to a new office brings a lot of expenses like maintenance, furnishing, modifications and costs that reoccur like rent. 

On the other hand, coworking Chennai a company avoids such minute expenses and can simply choose to pay for the space they actually use. Shared office space in Chennai will save your unwanted expenditure that you would have otherwise spent in a traditional office. 

There are several aspects that keep a coworking space an edge above the traditional offices.

Pay for what you use

In a traditional office, you have to bear the entire expenses irrespective of the space you use. However, a serviced office is acquired on contract, hence the expenses of utility charges, maintenance charges, and fees remain constant. Thus, by only paying for the space which you actually use, you do not end up overpaying like traditional office space. Coworking spaces are comparatively cheaper than a privately managed office. You also get the benefit of board rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias which are shared by everyone working in the coworking area. 

Less staffing expenses

An office requires many staffing expenses like in one form or other like assistants, receptionists, clerks. In short, these are funds spent on wages. Shared offices not only lower costs by sharing them across many offices, but also reduces the overheads on managing and recruiting staff. Due to this, companies get budget-friendly options while not compromising on the quality.

Coworking office have dynamic culture

Due to several factors, a company may cutbacks, downsize or even expand. When working in a rented or leased office, situations like this may strain the performance of the company as important time  and resources are given are consumed to adjust the changes like moving to a smaller/ larger space depending on the situation. In the case of a shared office, such situations do not disturb the business operation thus making it a dynamic and flexible option. Some coworking spaces also give the option cut back or expand on services as per your requirement. 

Equipment and furnishing

Traditional offices do not just stop on buying or leasing the office space. It also includes the the after costs of furnishing, infrastructure and equipment like computers, printers, projectors, coffee machines, etc. that would make an investment of Rs. 800000 for an average office space in India. On the other hand, a shared office provides all these services right from high speed internet, meeting rooms, private cabins everything in one package. 

Therefore, the above points clearly state that shared office spaces obviously save huge expenses as compared to traditional offices. This concept is proving to be significant for large companies as well as startups and SMEs. Odoco has several spaces in many major cities in India with low cost packages for small and big companies with world class amenities, and Chennai is one of them.

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