How to promote CoWorking space online?

There is no second thought that the popularity of the co-working space is growing every day. Owning a startup is a cool idea, and a shared office space often proves an affordable way to start a business venture. It eliminates many types of upfront costs, and one can start with a single working desk, and can keep increasing it with the new team members joining the startup. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs often think of starting their co-working space. The idea is excellent, but it could also have some challenges, like every other business.

You must have a coworking space marketing plan. And if you don’t have a big budget, it could be ideal to go the online way. There are several ways you can promote your coworking space business online. Here are a few ones, you can do easily.

  1. Online Catalogs: There are websites that offer information on coworking spaces. You can try adding your coworking space to this list as well. Most startups search for these online resources to shortlist a shared office space based on their location, priority, pricing etc.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: The age-old trick of SEO still works. Build your website and work hard to win the favor of the search engines. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire an SEO professional and whom you can find sitting in a coworking space only. Also, don’t forget to spell out all features and facilities on your website.
  3. Online Ads: You can rely on paid ad campaigns and can invest a little money on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other ad networks. You can start your campaign with a budget as low as $10 only and can get targeted leads. For example, if your space is based in India, your ad campaign can get you a sizeable business opportunity with the growing coworking space market size India.
  4. Link Building: This is one of the popular ways to grow your business in the online world. But beware of the tactics of link building. The best way could be to distribute content with embedded links by means of articles, guest posts, white books, user guides and so on.
  5. Social Networks: According to the coworking space market research, most entrepreneurs rely on the social media when it comes to selecting a coworking space. With the help of valuable comments and feedbacks, you can create a positive impression about your space, and which can draw the attention of the founders.

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