Opportunities and Challenges of Coworking Space In India

Co working space in Kolkata has been the trending so much that it has taken the whole industry with a storm. Digitalization has encouraged many startups and new companies to enter into the competition. However, the survival of these newly started companies was very less due to the huge costs and less return on investment. Young and new businesses take time to grow and heavily depend on improving efficiency, becoming cost-efficient and growing networks. The concept of coworking space Kolkata was developed due to the above issues and has gained popularity in recent times. 

Saving costs and giving much needed opportunity to grow and upgrade is certainly a recipe for success. Shared office space in Kolkata will surely rise in recent years due to its attractive benefits and opportunities. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of office space in Kolkata.



Reduced expenses of purchasing an expensive office are the first motivation for any new business to shift to shared office space in Kolkata. The amount saved by cost-cutting, specifically on overheads, is essential for a growing company as this money can be used in other business operations or in case of emergencies where the survival of the company is at stake. With a reasonable rate of small office space in Kolkata, you have more money left to put in your business and improve it.

Collaboration with peers

Co-working spaces are a huge opportunity for the members to connect and collaborate with each other on a single platform. Thus making way for more effective and better outcomes.


Co-working spaces are not just about office expense, it also includes the amenities that which are not accessible to the employees in traditional offices. Quality co-working space brands like Odoco provide top-notch amenities so that their customers focus on their core business. Co-working amenities include all those services that help in business growth like WiFi, a well-stocked pantry, IT and infrastructure, seminar rooms, conference rooms, private cabins, coffee machines, etc. Even relaxing rooms like a cafeteria where you can chat, relax and take a short break. Thus, a healthy co-working space lets you stay happy at your workplace and utilize your day to the maximum.

Having said the opportunities, there are always two sides to a coin. It is now time to look at the challenges of coworking space in India.

A coworking space has many people with different professions working together in a common office space. Due to this, a few challenges are bound to develop. However, these are not major challenges and can be easily overcome if focused on properly. 


Privacy is the biggest challenge in a coworking space. With shared office space, there will be people around you all the time. This might invade your work privacy as you may not be able to attend meetings and phone calls in private. Hence, infrastructure plays an important part.

Hence, coworking space has its own challenges and opportunities. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right office.

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